The Beholder of God Mark the Evangelist saint and martyr


homosexuality and ordination of women

Ten Concepts

The two saints Peter & Paul

The Spiritual Man

words of Spiritual benefit
1-50 (Vol. I)


lord, how? Contemplations on psalm 3

The Spiritual Ministry

The Divine Liturgy of Saint Gregory

The Spiritual Means

Comparative Theology

CONTEMPLATION’s on the Resurrection

so many years i: Biblical questions

So Many Years II: Theological & Dogmatic Problems

So Many Years III: Spiritual & General Problems

So many years iv: Dogmatic and Eternal Problems

Contemplations on the Commandments: I

Contemplations on the Commandments: II

Contemplations on the Commandments: III

Contemplations on the Commandments: IV

The Spirituality of Fasting

The Divinity Of Christ

The Transfiguration

Contemplations on the book of Jonah the Prophet

Contemplations on the Sermon on The Mount

Diabolic Wars

Experiences in Life

Holy Zeal

How to Relate to Children

Life of Faith

May the Lord Answer You

Quizzes on the Holy Bible

Return to God

Tears in Spiritual Life

The Angels

The Epiphany & St. John the Baptist

The Feast of The Annunciation

The Feast of The Cross

The Heresy of Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Holy Virgin St. Mary

The Life of Repentance and Purity

The Life of Thanksgiving

The Priesthood

The Seven Words of Our Lord on the Cross