The Glorious Feast of Nativity

Merry Christmas 

            The greatest event that happened in the earth from the time of creation is the birth of the Lord to save the world. He came to unify and harmonize:

  • The Heavenly with the Earthly
    • The heavenly beings, the angels came to announce the nativity of the Lord and to share this great joy with the people.
    • They came to attract the earthly beings, the people to heaven
  • The People with Peoples
    • The people of Israel thought that they are only the people of God and the nations like dogs…
    • We see around the Lord the shepherds (Jews) and the magi (the gentiles)
  • The Soul with the body
    • By taking flesh, the Lord sanctified the body. It has become a dwelling of the Holy Spirit.
    • The body shares the soul (the spirit) in its direction to heaven. Consequently, the glorified body will inherit the heavenly kingdom with the spirit.